Farther north, in front of the bay Almyropotamou, is the Kavaliani, considered the ancient Glafkonisos mentioned by Pliny. Between the Aegean and the Evian, a mountainous strip hosts picturesque and historic villages most of which extend along the main road that connects Chalkis Karysto and feature beautiful beaches in Evia Aegean.

The southern Evia, treasury of nature and culture, as well developed and interesting as all Euboea, boasting a very interesting personality. Can be rightly considered the easternmost suburb of Athens, while the northernmost island of the Cyclades.

Ferry L. Styron;; Agia Marina maintains a high frequency of daily communication with the coast of Attica, while using the visitor as a base the beach Nea Styra has the ability through the internal road network of South Evia to meet all its beauty: a variety of natural treasures, combining mountainous beauty and Aegean charm along with the ruins of an ancient Greek heritage will delight the visitor and has in the neighborhood of an earthly paradise he has not assess properly maybe because it is next to it.

Particularly Styra have the unique advantage to have many beautiful beaches both the Evian and the Aegean Sea in relatively small distances, while the visitor can admire the historical sites:


In the area of Megali Vrissi there is a center of food and recreation, known as the "Defiosofthetes", while there are remnants of a traditional old olive mill with millstones.
Megali Vrissi is 200 meters east of the central square of Styra and access to it is through a traditional cobblestone cobbled path.
It is a magnificent, green, enchanting landscape with evergreen plantains, running waters that end up through an old cistern in a nearby overgrown stream, while the scenery is complemented by the continuous flowering of birds. It is the monument of the nature of Styra, with every kind of flora and fauna.


The picturesque fishing village named Marmari is only one hour away from the port of Rafina.
It has several modern hotels, rooms to let and apartments.

Here you can find fresh fish, unforgettable seafood snacks, cafes, bars and restaurants on the South Euboic Wave.
Marmari's point of reference is the beaches and the complex of the Petalias, which are just a stone's throw from the bay of Marmari.

Some of the most famous beaches of Evia, such as Chrissi Ammos, are here.
Moreover, at the other end of the village of Marmari, less than 40 km away, there are infinite beguiling beaches such as Giannitsi, Agios Dimitrios, Kallianoi, bordered by the waters of the Aegean Sea.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that Marmari has become a favorite destination for windsurfers, hikers, mountaineers, nature lovers, diving lovers and seeking a special touch with the world of the seabed and nature.


Karystos is a seaside town on the southern tip of Evia and the seat of the homonymous municipality. In 1951 it numbered 3118 inhabitants while in the 2009 estimate it had about 7000 inhabitants.

The inhabitants of the city are always hospitable and hardworking, they love their place and hold customs and traditions. They are basically engaged in fishing, livestock farming, the extraction of the well-known Karystos Plateau, Tourism which is slowly becoming a precursor to the economic development of Karystos and the wider region.

Karystos has a modern urban design, squares and public neoclassical buildings, with wide streets and squares made by design and by order of Otto (King of Greece) by the Bavarian engineer Mirbach. For this reason and in honor of Otto, this town was given the name "Otonopolis" in 1848, which was renamed Karystos after the postwar revolution in 1862.

Thanks to the combination of mountain and sea, Karystos today has become a tourist center with several tourist facilities and with lively traffic especially in the summer. Harmony, tranquility and relaxation await the visitor of Karystos


A different one from the usual route, which does not work many. 60 km from Karystos, most on a dirt road, at the feet of Ochi, in the mosquito from the hazelnuts and oregano. Wind turbines, cliffs, endless rocks and oleander, sparta and green canyons all the way with plane trees, itamas and maples that end up in the sea. A handful of people with fingers on the fingers (only in Amygdalia you will find a café) and finally Cavo Doro, the legendary cape of Kafireas with the hideous winds.

Of great interest is the isolated village of Cavo Doro "Atia" that its inhabitants communicate with ... whistles. The language was devised to protect the inhabitants from raids and became known after an air crash .... The village of Antia in Cavo Doro is located in South Evia between the peaks of Andoni and Milia, Mount Ochi and almost 40 kilometers far from Karystos . The few inhabitants use their own communication code, the hammer.


Styra have the privilege to be surrounded by many beautiful beaches on the Evian Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Almyropotamos, Dilisso, Nea Styra and Nimborio on the Evian Gulf and Mesochori and Tsakaioi on the Aegean coast, are easily accessible by car, a real challenge to swim in crystal clear waters.

Enjoy and relax in the taverns with delicious seafood.


Between the popular Armyri and the small beach of Tsakion lies the beach of Limnionas Mesohoriou, which is administratively owned by the Municipality of Karystos. Limnionas Beach is located in Southern and Eastern Evia. It is an organized and popular beach with plenty of permanent umbrellas, as well as fish taverns with fresh fish and grilled fish. It has white pebbles and sand both on the shore and the bottom, but when it blows like all the beaches seen in the Aegean, it wakes up and needs attention. It gathers a large number of bathers in the summer and access is easy by car.


It is a very beautiful beach in Southern Evia, about 20 minutes from Styra. You will head to the village Mesochoria. Descending from Messochoria, after 1 km you will see the sign for Almiriki. The road to the beach is very good with asphalt The beach was one of the best I've ever visited. Blue-green water, sandy and chalkyaki and spotless The beach of Arrmrichi

(Almyrihi is called by some mistakenly) consists of sand and small stones.

It is located in a bay and is therefore relatively protected from the South and the Aegean Sea!

It is an ideal location for families where all members can quietly and without fear of enjoying the sea.

The cleanness of the sea with the cold waters, the main feature of the eastern side of Evia, are strong incentives for summer lovers.
On the beach you will find a tavern and a canteen for the necessities. Parking is easy as long as you do not park anarchically and close places!


Petalioi Greek: Πεταλιοί is an island complex in south-east of Euboea, in the homonymous gulf. It consists of 10 small islands and islets almost all uninhabited. The total area of the complex is 22.5 square kilometers. They belong to Karystos municipality, in Marmari municipal unit. The islands of the complex are: Megalonisos, Chersonisi, Avgo, Lamperousa, Louloudi, Makronisi, Pontikoniso, Praso, Tragos and Founti.[1][2] The largest of them is Megalonisos. It has an area of 17 Km2 and is uninhabited. The most of them are private islands and belong to Greek shipowners.


The name Petalioi derives from the name of the largest island Megalonisos that was being named Petalios in antiquity. In modern times the islands were a property of Greek royal family. In 1915 or 1916, the prince George II sold the islands to Greek shipowner Maris Empeirikos.[1]


If you are looking for secret locations very close to the capital, there is a solution! Forget about the Cycladic islands and the long beaches of the Peloponnese and instill in the mystical beauty of Evia. A hidden beach awaits you on the south side of Evia to shock you with its beauty. The reason for the beach of Archambolis, located on the north side of the eastern coast of Karystia, in Evia. Archambolis beach attracts tourists from all over the world, with a fanatical audience of Germans and Dutch people, looking for secret locations for absolute peaceful dives. The beach of Archambolis leaves no one unmotivated with its beauty, since everyone thinks they have come to the earthly paradise. Visitors to the beaches are impressed with the unique wildlife landscapes that surround it, as with the end of the gorge and the ravine that flows from the torrent, which starts from Ochi and ends up in a picturesque bay. The blue-green waters and the white sand complete the paradise. To approach the beach of Archambolis can be done by a boat or by the paths Thymi-Archambolis and Evangelismos-Archambolis.