In the southern part of Evia, just a few miles east of Athens, opposite the Marathon and Nea Makri, the Municipality of Styra, occupies the narrowest part of the island offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the unique combination of romantic serenity of Evian with scattered islets and charming wildness of the Aegean. The islets Stouronisia, seem to protect the bay of Nea Styra from the west. The largest of these is the ancient Aegialeia.

Armeno Castle

At the top of Mount Kliosi over Styra, stands a castle with important role in the prehistoric, ancient and the Venetian times. Its stone gate overlooks Styra and hides secrets that call hikers to explore inside. High walls, stones safely arranged, the chapel of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and the cave of Aghios Nikolas (St. Nicholas) overlook the Evian Gulf and reward the guest.