The legend of the Dragon Houses is alive for thousands of years on the mountains of Southern Evia. Mythical supernatural beings with great power have passed through the centuries and lived in the Dragon Houses on the mountains of Styra and Karystos. These megalithic structures, existing for centuries on our mountains, have witnessed the prehistoric era and challenge the imagination. Huge stones artfully arranged and assimilated by the environment form a perfect architectural creation.

Most Dragon Houses, are located in Styra, complex of three near the village, offering the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent hiking trail. Visit them and a guide will take you to a trip of fantasy and reality. Enjoy both the nature and history of Styra, easy hike for the whole family.

Starting from the hotel, after 4km of paved road, we approach Styra. Follow the signs towards Chalkida, after 500m we meet a sign to "Dragon Houses/Drakospita" n the right.

We follow the marked path to the Dragon Houses, the Ancient Quarries and Armeno castle. Traveling time by car is 30 minutes. From where we get off the car, the small path leads to the Dragon Houses, hiking lasts 5 minutes.

Hiking trail Starting from the Styra square and through the cobblestone streets of the village on the back of the church, follow the path marked with red arrows and find the signs, leading to the Dragon Houses. The trail is 5.5 km long. Sneakers, water and a hat are necessary.