Gorge Dimosari: unique natural beauty and ecological interest area of southern Evia protected by the European program Natura 2000.With rare species of birds are threatened with extinction. The gorge created the mountain Ochi that Demosaris river splits into two unequal, steep and inaccessible mountains Mount Cherry east and Mount Boublia west. Frank Castle of Armenia (1371 AD) that certain parts of it survive in good condition and the church of Panagia precinct, which according to the inscription above the entrance was built to 1746.

Southern Evia combines everything enthusiasts of adventure, nature and ecotourism look for. The eastern part of the Ochi Mountain hides a green treasure; the Dimosaris River Gorge.

Half an hour from Nea Styra by car, turn left at Marmari intersection and follow the road to the village of Aghios Dimitrios. Turn left at the sign to Kallianos a dreamy half-hour route with an amazing view to the deep blue Aegean Sea. After crossing the Dimosaris River Bridge, follow the road uphill and turn right at the sign to Lenossaioi. After three kilometers of dirt road, you reach the starting point of the path that leads to the Dimosaris gorge.

The gorge is 10km long, but just half hour of hiking is enough to get into its “heart” and enjoy swimming in the “vathres” (pools) created by nature, under the shade of huge plane trees and bird songs, the real delight to your senses. The Dimosaris River Gorge is ideal for both nature lovers and people with specific interests. Dozens of springs, waterfalls, small lakes, ancient riverine forests, wildlife, offer consecutive images to hikers.

The river flows into the Kallianos beach in the Aegean Sea, a dreamy pebble beach with crystal clear waters. Enjoy relaxing moments under the Aegean breeze. Hiking in the Dimosaris River Gorge, one of the most beautiful gorges in Greece, is a life experience that will remain unforgettable.