How to reach to Saint George


From Athens by ferry boat line Agia Marina - Nea Styra
Very popular route and much closer to those of you who come from Athens. Board the ferry boat to Nea Styra.
We are 2.5 km from the landing point of the ferry boat line Agia Marina -Nea Styra on the paved road to the right going towards Diliso, in left direction to Diliso at 1700 meters you will see the bridge with the sign to Diliso turn left and at about 800m you will see us on the right side of road.

St. Marina agency :22940 64332, 6944982879
Ferry boat information (line Agia Marina – Nea Styra) :
Nea Styra Agency : 22240 41533, 6944982879
Agia Marina Agency : 22940 64332, 6944982879