Welcome to St George premises.

Near N.Stira beach ,in the wider region of Karistia on the EVIA island. Its location is carefully selected to view the full green natural environment of the spot called Joli, on the way to Diliso 2,5 Km away from the N Stira port, which actually claims to be its best part.
The premises comprise three independent buildings on an amphitheatrical enclosure of 4,5 acres of cobble stone all viewing the sea which is only 170m away, within easy reach on foot.
13 little Studios (33m2 each) and another two 45m2 two room fully furnished spacious apartments with private balconies all viewing the sea and the lovely  exquisite sunsets are let for daily, weekly, monthly  seasonly, or yearly use.
They are all s/c and allow you the experience of your own HOME  inside a little paradise combining the enchanting natural beauty with the tranquillity and the crystal water of the virgin beaches nearby, where you can relax only listening to the crickets or again excel yourself trekking through DIMOSARI Gorge 3,5, Km a really gorgeous place to go through.
The Municipality of Stira is only a few miles away of Athens opposite Marathon and N.Makri.Stira lies on the narrowest part of the island and so it is priviliged to be within easy reach of both seas Evoikos as well as the Aegean with all its little isles and its wilderness.

In the middle of the above described natural beauty lies ST GEORGE premises. The view from out here is breathtaking.  The reception hall with its particular decoration of engraved marble  or Karistos plates as well as the friendly atmosphere, justify your highest expactations building a friendly relationship all at once .The ancient Greek hospitality lies all around making you feel at Home from the very first minute, giving you all the info  you may need during your stay concerning sights ,timetables ,available restaurants, tours etc.
HERE newlyweds or  family of 6  can enjoy relaxing family moments  while all your senses wake suddenly up from the exquisite colours and the smells of flowers as well as the luxury of the environment.
Every single studio/apartment contains all sorts of comforts like built in stone beds and wardrobes, kitchen with utensils ,TV,Wi-fi,free wireless internet, air condition,shower, hot/cold water big balcony ,spacious parking place.

Saint George Hotel at Nea Styra in Evia

George Tzanis, Tel: (+30) 2224 0 41810, 6936 812989 , Fax: (+30) 2223 0 23244

Apartments and studios to rent , email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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